Saturday, February 28, 2004

Me 'n Lance are like this


Actually, the title should be more like the Was (not Was) song, "I feel better than James Brown." I got one of my bikes back on the road yesterday, and not only does it feel wonderful but I think I can even make it into something about Art here in Montreal.

First of all, one of the shows that put the gallery on the map was the V-Low show that was held here in August of 2000. We took 17 lowrider bikes, suspended them from the ceiling at extremely aggressive angles, and let things go. I would estimate that we got about 230 people in for the vernie, and it had enough of an impact that a full three-years later it was still nominated as one of the best exhibits for 2003 in the Montreal Mirror. Or perhaps someone took way too many drugs and still thought that it was 2000.

Anyhows, last month I hauled out to the Art Gallery at Stewart Hall, where they were doing "Le Design Contemporain au Qu´┐Żbec." And one of the pieces that they had prominently displayed was a Marinoni bicycle.

Now, why they didn't go and display any of the following?

Or if they wanted solely stuff made in Quebec then, these:

Don't you think that they all are real purty?

In between last night and this morning I rode a total of 12.5 miles, and the part that was the most fun was that going in between 156 Roy and Old Montreal, I actually paced my companion, who was driving a car. Although as the ride from the gallery to dinner was mostly uphill, I definitely was feeling the lack of experience in my legs and neck. But it was wicked cool to be back on the bike.

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