Monday, January 26, 2004

Holy Smokes!


First off, I gotta apologize. I misspelled Pemi Paull's name on the right. Jeez! (sound of me smacking my head) You'd figure that I would at least be able to spell.

But, now that it has been corrected, you gotta gotta show up Tuesday evening, here. He is playing with a string trio and from a cursory Google search, it looks like he is the most accomplished musician to have graced the gallery, not that there wouldn't be an argument from Mack MacKenzie, Heather McLeod, Willy Porter, Craig Morrison, or any of the other 118 performers who have played here.

Doing a copy/paste from the first web site:

Pemi has been a member of l'Orchestre Baroque de Montr�al for three years, and has worked extensively with the Qu�bec City-based baroque ensemble, Les Violons du Roy. Pemi has been invited as a regular participant at Prussia Cove Chamber Music Festival in Cornwall, England, and Domaine Forget International Chamber Music Festival, appearing in concert with distinguished artists including Anthony Marwood, Ian Swensen, Ulrike-Anima Mathe, Daniel Phillips, Laurence Kayaleh, and Paul Watkins. An avid chamber musician, he appears regularly with the Musica Camerata, and Allegra Chamber Music series, and has performed in festivals in Turkey and Mexico. In 2002 Pemi was the recipient of the CBC Prix Galaxie Rising Star Award for Chamber Music. In February 2003 he gave the Quebec premiere of Gy�rgy Ligeti's Sonata for Solo Viola. - link

I'm impressed.

This gives me an opportunity to re-tell you that every single one of the concerts that happens here is recorded. Pemi's show tomorrow night will be Volume 96. So far, it has been difficult getting recognition from anybody who lives outside of town about this. But, as far as I know the only people who are doing this (recording live concerts and then releasing them as CDs almost instantaneously) are Clear Channel and Zeke's Gallery. Now normally, I wouldn't be touting the accomplishments of the aforementioned humongous publicly traded corporation, but given that their accomplishments are the same as the gallery's, yet, they have

3 business segments: broadcasting, live entertainment and outdoor advertising. As of 2/02, the Company owned 1,225 radio stations and 37 television stations, and owned 776K outside displays. For the 9 months ended 9/30/03, net revenue rose 7% to $6.64B. Net income before accounting change rose 77% to $958.4M. Results reflect increased revenues due to acquisitions and increased gains on marketable securities - link.

And the gallery has me.

For the record, these are the bands that have played here, and have CDs that are available:

Aaron Shragge & Friends, Amphibitronic, Andre Kirchoff, Cosmo Demonic Telegraph Company, Craig Morrison, David Pearce, David Sanders, Dirty Ol' Band, Dr. Tom's Leather, Dragana, Ensemble en Pieces, Eric Hammerbeck & The Crying Cowboy, Eric Ormsby, Francois & Nathalie, Gilles Deguire, Hakeem, Heather Mcleod, Hejira, Hugh Fisher, Infinite Moksha, Jeff May, Kali & Dub inc., Katie Moore, Kitchen Fire, Kola et Denise, Lew Dite Skiffle Group, Mack MacKenzie, Marie-Desneiges Stockland, Mike O'Brien, Nathalie & Francois, Orit Shimoni, Pat Loiselle, Play aneou, Randboro, Robert David & Sandra Luciantonio, Rusty Pea Colour, Sam Torontour, Short Stories, Slim Sandy, The Underground Divas, Triple Double, Tzventan

The CDs are $15 each. Swing by and give them a listen, most are supremely kick-ass, I split the money 50/50 with the bands and supporting local musicians is always a good thing.

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