Thursday, January 22, 2004

The hits just keep on coming...


Some figures:
41 emails sent today.
105 emails in the wait until later inbox.
68 emails in the respond sooner inbox.
115 emails received, today.
12 phone calls received today.
6 phone calls made today.
25 people stopped by the gallery today.
4 very large coffees drunk today.
1 beer drunk today.
2 Artist submission received today.
1 Job application received (no I'm not hiring) yesterday
1 band submission received today.
3 vernissages, missed tonight so that I could attempt to catch up.

And yeah, it seemed like a normal day. OK, now that I got that off my chest, we can get back to our regularly scheduled program.

Last night I went to Salon Alterna-tif. They were having a vernissage, and I couldn't resist telling people that I was going to see an exhibition at a barber shop! Overall it wasn't bad. There were about 5 different artists exhibiting, all of them architecture based. I got to meet Aude and Roberto, check out page 39 of Vie des Arts (man I'm jealous, they got page 39, and I got page 40! Jeez! Me and Rodney Dangerfield, we're like this) to find out more about their gallery.

The artists had names like, DRAR, NIP, VLAN, EKIP, SE BUSCA and apparently the second name of the space is now, haiRArchi. Why can't they just keep things simple, like a Joe, and a Susan, or a Betty and a Bill?

Most of the art was sorta just there. Not bad, not spectacular. But there was one set of things, over-sized slides hanging out in the western window of the store front. About 5 or 6 of them, each 5 or six layers think with things stuck in between each layer. Things like small torn bits of tissue paper, or fishing line. As pretty paperweights they work, as small sculptures they work, too. I think that they were made by VLAN. If I remember correctly they were $420 each, I'm not certain if they were priced right, but then again, I wasn't the part of the crowd that they were aiming for.

Then, and I will be mentioning this again, and again, and again until y'all get it. ok? You're invited to the vernissage of Dominque Blain at the Musee d'Art Contemporain on the 5th of February at 6 pm, ok? Something about foxes in henhouses. I think I like it.

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