Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Catching up (or So much Art, so little time.)


Vernies that you should go to:

14 January, 5pm � Gesu
14 January, 6 pm � Victoria Hall
15 January, 5:30 pm - UQAM
18 January, 2 pm � Stewart Hall
22 January, 5 pm � Maison de la Culture Marie-Uguay, 6052 Monk
22 January, 5:30 pm - MAI
22 January, 6:30 pm � Saidye Bronfman
31 January, 2 pm � Galerie 306

Le Centre du Creativite Gesu is not only the place where the raelians meet, but, as far as I can guess, in order to balance out the karma they also show potentially kick-ass art in a very convenient spot. This one is called something extremely precise "Les Rencontres interculturelles 2004." Eight different artists doing something. The art that I have previously seen there has been good, ain't never been to a vernie there, and as I will be in Lennoxville, I'm going to be missing this one, too.

But what I am most annoyed about missing because I'll be in the Estrie, is Dana Velan's vernie at Victoria Hall. If you have any chance don't miss it. Dana (Ms. Velan, to you, ok?) draws humongous canvases. But in this case, if my memory serves, there are going to be a whack of books. (I got a sort of advance preview in December). The show itself is called "Ash and Roses." I'll leave it up to your imagination to try and figure out what it is going to be like. But honestly, unless you break you leg on the way to Victoria Hall (or are in Lennoxville with me) you have no excuse for missing it.

On Thursday, UQAM is celebrating France Guerin's show along with a traveling exhibit from Waterloo � really nice pastels on the invites. As I'll be back in town, I'm going to try and hob-nob with the local intelligentsia.

Sunday, I'm going to try and make it out to Dorval, they got "le Design contemporain au Qu�bec." I have a soft spot in my heart for Stewart Hall, I got to meet Maitre Forget AND Lise Bissonette AND Joyce Millar when I was there last, and as the show is organized by UQAM, there promises to be some intelligentsia there to (always makes for a fun time).

On the 22nd, things get ugly. Three openings on the same night! All paid for by the same folk! You'd figure that somebody would consult with somebody else so that there wasn't this massive conflict. That's why I like scheduling vernies here on Saturdays at 8 pm, ain't nothing else happening at that time other than movies or dinner, and y'all know that movies can be seen at another time, and dinner can wait. In short, head out to Verdun, and then if you choose to stay on the west side of town head up to the Saidye, Lauren Nurse personally delivered her invitation to me, and I gotta admire the moxie. At the Saidye it'll be fun to see Sylvie, and Isa (can't forget about "The Weather" � the name of the show, silly). The MAI thing-y is an installation by Denyse Gauthier, and depending on the weather I'll try and make that, too.

Then finally, on the 31st, Daniel LeBlond opens "Existence." As far as I can tell, it'll be easy to make it there, as there are no conflicts, and it is near by.

If you don't want to go alone, give me a shout and we can figure out logistics, ok?

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