Saturday, January 17, 2004

Acting normal, ok?


Nothing like a little bit of publicity to keep a gallery guy on his toes! The cover, last week, of the Montreal Mirror! Not bad, eh?
The place was jumping today. Yet again, no time for a nap.

So, I'm going to take the easy way out, since I haven't had a chance to see anybody else's art today.

Normal Blog entry number 1:
Apparently Britain's most popular artist is not able to get any respect. Excuse me while I cry in my beer for him. (heavy sarcasm) the man make millions of dollars, excuse me, pounds, and is annoyed because his stuff ain't in a museum?!

Normal Blog entry number 2:
In England they are tossing up a trial balloon to see what the reaction would be to allowing tax deductions for donations to Museums (seems like I've been reading the Guardian a bunch, eh?). Sounds like a good idea to me. Currently in Canada the way things work is thusly: Buy a piece of Art (notice the capital "A") hang it in front of your couch for more than three years, then start to think about donating it to a Heritage Institution, convince the people on the acquisition committee that your scrawl on a napkin really is the most important thing in Canadian Culture since sliced bread, then start to negotiate, negotiate some more, then go out and get the sucker appraised (serious business, how do you think some galleries manage to stay afloat?) then if nobody involved in this mess has changed their mind, you're pretty much good to go. What do you get for your troubles? Depending on what it is that you're donating, either a tax receipt for the appraised value, or an entire new wing to a museum.

Normal Blog Entry number 3:
According to The Austin American-Statesman, art stuff outdraws sports! (apologies for the ridiculous sign-up required) In other news, it is cold outside, baby. Duh! Other than the University of Texas what sports are there in Austin? And in a university town you're by definition going to have a whack of intelligentsia.

Normal Blog Entry number 4:
In Miami they are suffering from what folk here already know about � festival-itis. Only in this case it is Art-Fair-it is, three of them all at the same time. Jeez, some people get all the luck.

Normal Blog Entry number 5:
Some British guy with a title is jealous about the headlines that things like the Turner Prize and other contemporary art grab. My favorite line? "Conceptual installation art is worthless and people don't want it." Cool!

Normal Blog Entry number 6:
Israel's ambassador to Sweden went berserk and tried to electrocute a whack of people at an opening, because he didn't like the art that was being exhibited. This one gets two "cools." First for somebody honestly coming out and saying what they believe about a piece of Art. Second for doing it in such a way that Gunilla Skoeld Feiler and Dror Feiler are going to be newsworthy for at least a weekend.

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