Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Time to catch up


Way down at the bottom, I posted a list of upcoming events that were happening here. Well, two of them have already passed, and then there was the other thing that happened here, that wasn�t publicized. I figured that I would get y�all up to speed on what you missed so that you wouldn�t feel like you missed out.

First off there was Dragana. As promised, it was Bulgarian Woman�s Music. Kick-Ass and wonderful. Swoops shouts, yells, whistles, growls and hollers, all done in perfect unison and ridiculously sublime harmonies, they were pretty much like I would imagine that the DeZurik Sisters (aka the Cackle Sisters) would sound like if they had been born in eastern Europe. Do you know how to describe an aural orgasm? There has already been talk of Dragana coming back to play here again. I�m going to try to get them some transcriptions of the DeZuriks, now that would be amazing!

Notice the radiator in the background

Then we start to search way back in the memory banks, and on Saturday, Brent Moffatt (aka Needleman)

Check out Carrie's painting!

came here in order to break the world record for most self-inflicted piercings. What had been 702 in January of this year, became 900! - Holy Mother of God!

No actually, while it was interesting, it was like watching somebody knit. There was excitement for the first dozen, then as he approached 700 (but I actually missed that specific needle) They all were 1 inch and 18 gauge, and cost around $7 for a box of 100. There�s a guy who lives in the neighborhood (Jerome Abramovitch) who previously held the record. As an aside, Brent has some serious pain happening pretty much all the time, due to a gunshot wound that he got when he was about 18, which is then compounded by his kidney stones. According to him, self-inflicted pain is controllable, the other pain isn�t. Being able to control pain is something that gives him comfort. I can�t say that I would argue with him. I think the thing that I appreciated most was the ability to talk to him.

And if any of you are planning on getting pierced after seeing the pictures. Let me pass on some things that Brent told me. a) Some woman in Winnipeg died after getting her tongue pierced. b) Be very scared about Hep C. And c) You don�t need to be licensed or trained in order to poke holes in other people�s bodies. Now while �a� might be an urban myth, you might want to consider writing to your MP about getting some legislation happening, if plumbers and elevators need licenses, I think that the person who sticks a hole in my scrotum should too.

I�ve gotten some very positive feedback about this blog, if you have any that you would like to contribute, good or bad, I�d love to hear it. That all being said Maclean asked for some pictures, so I�m going to try and accommodate him in the up coming days.

If you�re in the neighborhood Insitu, on Wednesday at 7:30, and Dirty Ol� Band on Thursday at the same time promise to be finger licking good. Come by, mention the blog, and I�ll buy you a beer, ok?

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