Wednesday, December 10, 2003


Upcoming stuff happening here at the gallery:


December 14 - Dragana - 7:30 pm - Free (Bulgarian music) - Live at Zeke's CD, Vol 91
- Something about a maiden who challenges a nightingale to a singing contest. My guess is that the maiden wins hands down, especially since in this case there are seven of them.

December 17 - Insitu - 7:30 pm - Free (rock/pop) - Live at Zeke's CD, Vol 92
- Baby it is cold out there, best to get your butt Insitu at Zeke's to hear Fred and Diana. No, not the John Mellencamp song, much smoother, and so much more 21st century.

December 18 - Dirty Ol' Band - 7:30 pm - Free (Celtic music) - Live at Zeke's CD, Vol 93
- After getting those Xmas presents for your third cousin twice removed, you're definitely going to want to blow of some steam - or at least roll around in the mud with Sean, see you then.


December 14 - Streeteaters Art Market - 1pm
- Paula and the gang supply everything you need for all those stocking stuffers - easy, friendly, and warm.


Carrie Jardine - Stay Gold - watercolors and acrylic paintings
- Are you one of the 471 folk who have seen her paintings? Or are you still out in the cold? Mighty roasty toasty warm here, and the paintings are fun as well.


- We got a raffle going on here, $5 gets you a chance to win a round-trip ticket on ViaRail for two anywhere in between Quebec City and Windsor. A full $795 worth of train travel! Only 200 tickets available - email zeke for more details.

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