Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Good Art, Bad Art (or is the other way around?)


So do you like this?

Jean Paul Lemieux, Jeune Fille dans le vent, 1964, Musee Nationale des Beaux Arts du Qu�bec - Sorta like Guy Lafleur's 89-90 season with the Nordiques.

Or do you prefer this?

Marc-Aur�le de Foy Suzor-Cot�, Symphonie path�tique, 1925, Mus�e national des beaux-arts du Qu�bec. � Sorta like Guy Lafleur's 76-77 season with the Canadiens.

If you like this, please email me, and tell me why. Thanks.

Tony Scherman Napoleon: The Seduction of France - Brumaire 1796 (The French Revolution Series), 1995 (last I heard, it hadn't made it into anyone's collection)- Keeping the analogy, like the Canadiens' 1982 draft.

If anybody knows Angela, please tell her that I think her art rocks! And, if she's looking for a husband, I'd marry her in a flash!

Angela Grauerholz, Foot, Mus�e d'art de Joliette, 1993 � Last one�like the Canadiens' 1971 draft.

Now which took more time? Researching the Art? Or researching the hockey?

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