Monday, April 16, 2007

More Art and Crime stories


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Over the weekend I apparently got a visit by a bailiff. It appears that XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX doesn't like this here blog. Specifically, this post from November.

It also appears that M. XXXXXXX needs to learn the difference between the subject of a sentence and the object of a sentence. I very frequently have the same problem in French. However, in English (and especially if you click on the links in the post) it is obvious that Mr. Martorana was the catalyst for all the arrests and investigating. Personally, I like how M. XXXXXXX doesn't complain about me writing that he tried to sell some fake paintings to Loto-Quebec.

Then don't even get me started about what I think about his gallery.

[update April 17: I got a phone call from Me. Carmichael. He suggested a change to the original post, I said 'ok.' And while it might have been fun to go to court, we won't.]

[update April 23: There is a second cease and desist letter.]

[update May 29: This post has been redacted by court order.]

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