Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Cease and Desist letter


First Page

Second Page

Third Page

Some people it seems just can't get enough. Back in November I wrote this post. On Friday April 13, at about 7:30 pm I discovered this letter slipped through my mailbox by a bailiff. I immediately called the lawyer who wrote it and left a message. On Monday April 16th, at about 11pm at night, since I had not heard from Me. Carmichael I posted the mise-en-demure.

Sure as shootin' I heard from Me. Carmichael on Tuesday morning. He asked me to change the post from November. I modified it according to Me. Louis Fredericq Charmichael's suggestions and emailed him to make sure that it met with his approval. Since I didn't hear anything, I figured it was done as dinner.

On Friday April 20th, at about 4:50 pm I got this latest letter delivered by a bailiff. Obviously I was wrong.

Now it has officially become ridiculous.

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