Saturday, January 20, 2007

What if you were to give away $25,000 and nobody noticed?


Congrats to Stan Douglas, but Barbara Janes and the The Hnatyshyn Foundation need to do something better. Headlines in only the Ottawa Citizen and the Vancouver Sun ain't gonna cut it. Maybe it has something to do with being a month late?

And it just occurred to me - What do you think would happen if the RBC Painting Competition folk got together with the Hnatyshyn Award folk and then got together with the Sobey Award folk who then combine with the Governor General's award folk to give out one award each year of $175,000 for the absolute bestest Canadian artist? I think that would attract some attention, worldwide, don't you?

Oh and before I forget, congrats to Stan Douglas, don't spend it all in one place, ok? And yes, Ms. Janes, if you hadn't noticed my views are still cynical and disheartening.

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