Saturday, January 20, 2007

Feel Good Fluff (or Mathieu Beauséjour learned from Victor Pellerin)


While I like it when non-standard arts reporting makes it into regular newspapers. But, this article by Jocelyne Lepage from yesterday's La Presse has so many mistakes, that I'm not certain if I can still believe the things I know for a fact are not wrong.
1. Atelier Circulaire is not in the same building as Galerie Clark. Or if you prefer, 5455 is not the same number as 5445.
2. Dare-Dare is likely in the neighborhood for only the next six months. Last year, they were elsewhere.
3. If La Centrale is in the neighborhood, then so am I. I am not. And while not large enough to be a mistake, off the top of my head she missed Espace Perspective, Monistiraki, La Tranchefile, Mosaik Art, Galerie Espace, Galerie Borduas, Galerie D'Avignon Noël Guyomarc'H, and I am certain I missed some. All of which are much closer.
4. No it is not 'fort probable qu'une personne sur deux que l'on croise dans le quartier est un artiste...' If Ms. Lepage had bothered to do some cursory reaseach she would have discovered that Kelly Hill has done the number crunching and the number is in fact about 1 in 10.
5. Every year the programming is 'in the hands of the members.' As it clearly states on their website programming is decided by 'a committee composed of members of the Centre.'
Good job by Mathieu Beauséjour on getting the media attention, but next time you got to insist on being able to fact check, too.

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