Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A different way to celebrate a Golden Anniversary


Follow me on this one, please. The path is going to get a little twisty.

For those of you with short memories, like me, you might not remember that I was fully, 100% and whole heartedly in agreement with the Canada Council's plans for celebrating their 50th anniversary.

Then, to remind you again, I also thought that The Hnatyshyn Foundation had done a wonderful and superlative job of promoting Canadian Art.

Stan Douglas, the artist to whom they gave $25,000, was such an international art star that he recently had a show in Omaha, Nebraska that got rave reviews.

Which all combines to make me think that since Canadian institutions have such an incredibly amazing amd efficent way of getting the word out about Canadian Art, especially when it comes to people in the heartland of America, that the Canada Council should not even contemplate burying a car to celebrate their 50th anniversary. After all, nobody is going to pay attention to that.

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