Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bad CBC arts reporting. Absolutely Horrible and Pathetic CBC Arts reporting.


Today is January 20, 2007. Some absolutely brilliant and amazing person [in case you couldn't tell that was me being extremely sarcastic] working at the CBC decided that something happening at the Tate Modern in 132 days is news. Now, that's not really the problem. What shows the freakin' ineptitude of the CBC's Arts reporting, is that the very thing they think is news in 132 days in London is going to be in Montreal in 45 days. And if you're interested, it already played in France.

So, let's play pretend we're a CBC news editor; In six weeks in Montreal, or in six months in London, England, which event do I think I should write about? Man, who's responsible for hiring these people?

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