Thursday, December 07, 2006

Stuff Seen - Permanente at Nota Bene



I lucked out, as the vernissage for this show is happening on Friday. First to get things out of the way, Jenna Wakani (one of the artists in the show) is a friend and has played music here at Zeke's. I really like what Russell, the guy in charge of Nota Bene is doing, and as a consequence can be accussed of being irrational when discussing art shows at his store. And I need to apologize to Deeana Wall, as I was unable to make her last exhibit there which she went way out of her way to invite me to see.

It just seems like today is an official 'get stuff off my chest' sort of day. I'm still a tad unclear on the concept (and I think there are people more involved with the show who are as well) as to how or what this constitutes as the Nota Bene permanent collection (although now that I furrow my brow, I think I might have it - Basically they always wanted to have art on hand, so that in a worst case scenario they would always be able to have some sort of exhibit. This is that stuff). I got confused, because I never really thought that anyone would sell off parts of a permanent collection piecemeal. Everything that is being shown is available for sale, and for the most part at extremely reasonable prices, too!

That all being said, it is a nice enough grouping of photographers (all of whom I assume are still fairly wet behind the ears) Nathalie Finkelstein Jenna Wakani, Doug Hollingsworth, Nicolas Cote, Daniel Finkelstein, Tod Brown and Marjolaine Michalone are their names.

Now lets get down to brass tacks. I really liked four of Tod Brown's photographs. He strikes me as having a fairly original eye. I also was particularly fond of Ms. Wakani's color pictures. As I discussed with her at the other show across the street, I really like how she uses color in her pix. The black and white stuff on the other hand left me sorta bleh. And I giggled out loud over Ms. Michalone's work. While it isn't mind blowing, it is fun and silly kid stuff.

Unfortunately, I wasn't as impressed with Ms. Finkelstein's heart things, and Mr. Finkelstein (husband & wife? brother & sister? unrelated fluke?) while quite adept at printing his pictures and getting a good image, was the one to put the idea in my head that original shots are to be treasured. As his work was not the most original I have ever seen. However, I always gotta remember that in order to be original there is a very long path of unoriginal stuff that must be learned, glomed, understood and sometimes seen beforehand by other folk. As this is not an exhibit at a museum, I am much more inclined to cut some folk some serious slack.

Which leaves me with Mr. Cote's work, which is the only one that I cannot remember. This is not a good thing. As I have stated elsewhere, if I can't remember it, it is extremely unlikely that it rocked me down to my bones. Yo! Nick I know you can do better, don't take it personally, ok?

The show continues until December 16th, and if there are any paper goods that you need, you should always think of Nota Bene first. Stores that support art, should be supported as well (now if I could only get some cash myself....)

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