Monday, November 13, 2006

Stuff Seen - Mira-Lyn Lu & Immony Men



Taking care of Business was the name of the show of theirs that I saw a while back. If I remember correctly, a week or two after the shooting there had happened, and I was quite impressed with the number of flowers that were hanging around the front door. But I digress. I was actually at Dawson because I wanted to leave a bunch of flyers around for a series of lectures that I was doing.

Anyhows, the Warren G. Flowers Gallery is just about the most secret and unknown gallery in all of Montreal. Any time that I am in the neighborhood I make a very specific point of dropping in. For the most part, because they think that their only audience is Dawson College students, when I stop by there is precious little to explain what I'm seeing. But this afternoon I lucked out.

When I barged in, Immony Men was hanging out eating chicken with someone who wasn't Mira-Lyn Lu, and quite graciously answered my rather aggressive questions (because at the beginning I could understand a gosh darn thing). Basically, he and Mira-Lyn had spent the better part of two weeks, sticking post-it notes on all the walls of the gallery. Once they were done, it looked like there had been some sort of cartoon/comix drawn on the post-it notes.

In answer to my questions Immony told me that, unlike what I had imagined, the post-it notes had in fact been printed in advance, and then needed to be stuck in a very specific order. They in fact did show up at 9 AM every morning, and left at 5 PM every evening. It was business. I could also easily imagine them sticking post-it notes all day long being not a half bad performance, although the only performance I got was the wonderful smell of the chicken, it made me extremely hungry.

The comic/cartoon that Mira-Lyn Lu & Immony Men ended up with was a fairly simple office-like drawing. But the dedication, and workman-like nature of the piece got me grinning from ear to ear as I walked further downtown looking for lunch.

And if you have a MySpace account, go make friends with them. Otherwise click on this to see their website.

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