Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Pat Lehman Band live at Zeke's Gallery Last Night


Click here to listen, flac, ogg vobis, stream [68.7MB, 36:25 minutes]

Last night the Pat Lehman band played here. Not only was it the 250th recording, but as you might notice, I have finally been able to fix the technical difficulties that had been happening, so that you can download and/or stream the shows again.

Patrick Lehman (vocals), Dee Perusse (bass, background vocals), Joel Ovadia (guitar), and Joe Irrera (percussion).
  1. Would You Love Me
  2. Once Upon a Time
  3. Feels So Right
  4. Pride
  5. I Can See it in Your Eyes
  6. Last Minute
  7. Lost
  8. Chance on You
  9. I Love My Baby
  10. Wake Up
(All songs written & composed by Patrick Lehman.)

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