Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Stuff Seen - Viens dans ma cour



Now this is one of the more obscure (and great) places to see art in the city, Atelier Circulaire, 5th floor of the building next door to Clark with a doorway that is not easy to find (reminds me of this place!). But each time I go I get more and more fascinated and entranced by it. Don't go and blame me if I suddenly start to become a printmaker!

This show was (as all shows there) a small show, no more than a dozen pieces, and what they had done was cobine two artists together and get them to create a print (or a series of prints). We got there before the vernissage (the show is still up until the 30th) and as a consequence they had not put the tags up. Because of that I think that the pieces made by the team of Annie Conceicao Rivet & Gilles Prince and also the piece Claire Lemay & Carlos Calado were particularly cool (all I have noted is the names and that Claire & Carlos 'did fish,' and that 'Annie and Gilles did the other cool.'

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