Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The very first catalogue and show here


For reasons best left unsaid I needed to go through the archives. While a tedious task at best, there are certain things that make it all seem worthwhile. Such as coming across an electronic version of the catalogue for Bertrand Lavoie's exhibit here. It was called Ratures & Repentirs, and I can't believe how freakin' ugly it is.

On the positive side, the text is (was) written by Lori Waxman, who has since gone on to some pretty big and impressive things in the art world, in New York. Because Bert is French, I convinced Ms. Waxman to write in French. Jeez! was I an asshole, if it is any consolation - I'm sorry.

If you'd like to download it, click on this [2MB pdf file].

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