Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Stuff Seen - Julie Doucet



It has been a very long time since I wrote about some shows here in town. Apologies, it has been hectic here. But, back at the beginning of March we wandered through the Belgo Building, saw a whack of stuff.

Including in the meandering was the aforementioned Ms. Doucet's work. Some fairly simple line drawings (or if you prefer caricatures) and the original pictures upon which they were based. Made me realize the importance of presentation, as you can see pretty much the same darn thing any night of the week during the summer if you go for a stroll in Old Montreal. I was initially gonna give Ms. Doucet a higher mark (something like a B+) but then realized that I knew diddly-squat about caricatures, and was merely impressed with her work because of the other things I'd seen in the Belgo Building that day.

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