Saturday, May 06, 2006

Stuff Seen - Claude Caron



Again from a while long time ago. This was an extremely pleasant surprise. We'd been out galavanting around looking at all sorts of stuff, both good and not so good. And we were plumb tuckered out, so we decided to hightail it over to Le Boudoir (850 Mont-Royal Est) and lo and behold we saw the best stuff we had seen all day. I don't know if the glee upon finding it was due to just the complete surprise, or us being tired, but even if you take that away Ms. (or Mr.) Caron's art rocks.

Unfortunately I don't know anything more about the artist. However, the stuff that gets shown at Le Boudoir is generally quite good - and from what I've heard they also treat the artists very well, and stuff sells when it is hung there.

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