Sunday, March 12, 2006

Stuff Seen- Real Patry & Claude Rivest



This one was flat out wonderful, amazing and great. There's something like a dozen boxes that vaguely remind me of skinny minimalist grandfather clocks (you know sort of like what you would expect a step grandfather click to look like). But instead of keeping time, they buzz, move, make some really bizarre other noises, and generally delight.

You gotta make sure that you see the show when there ain't anybody else in the room, 'cuz otherwise you're gonna lose out on one of the cooler aspects, that of trying to figure out where and how the triggers are set off.

I actually had to go around twice to make sure that I got all of them. And had so much fun that I would gladly do it again. The show itself is called Vertige-verticale, which Google conveniently translates into "vertical giddiness." In the press release/purple prose text Claude Rivest (does anyone know if she is a she or a he?) goes on at length about verticality, verticalness, and copies a whole whack of stuff from the dictionary.

Goes to show that artists know jack about writing (which to me is a very good thing, otherwise they would be writers). Personally I liked the one where the two thing-ys (yes I know what they are, but I don't want to spoil your surprise, I did take a surveying course back when I was attempting to get a degree). But then again, the one that mutters at you in a foreign language, and the one with the laser etched soles weren't bad either.

If you happen to have a short squirt over the age of 5 they're gonna have a whale of a time.

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