Saturday, January 28, 2006

Stuff Seen - Gallery four seven nine & Galerie St-Laurent + Hill




I'm grouping these two galleries together because I was told that they are somehow affiliated, upon looking at the paperwork I cam back with I am not so certain. They are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Neither one had an official exhibition, but can you guess which one had an employee shadow us through the space, not saying a word, but just making certain that we didn't shoplift anything? And on top of it, while they definitely wanted to be considered a high-end, expensive and exclusive gallery, they couldn't even figure out a way to get some drunks ut of their doorway. If I had rolled up in my limo, I'm not certain that some lowlife trying to make out with what appeared to be a prostitute would be who I would want to ask to step aside so that I could get in the door.

On the other hand the fine folk at 479 were gracious, warm and informative. Had a very nice discussion with them (unfortunately I did not get their names) about the differences between galleries in Montreal and Ottawa, how they deal with submissions, and by gosh! the weather as well. If I had the cash, I would've bought something just because they were so nice. (And they had a couple of quite nice paintings by Peter Hoffer as well.)

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