Sunday, December 04, 2005

Stuff Seen - Jean Pierre Aube



This is what I hate about artist run centers, conceptual art, and writing grants in order to get funding for the visual arts. Basically, M. Aube got himself a refrigerator, he stuck something inside it, that had some wires running out of it. Those writes led to a box, which then led to a drakened room, where there was a humongous screen that for the most part was dark, but had some falshes of light happening in a corner. The only thing I could figure out about the whole sucker was if I turned off the switch on the power bar then everything should come to a grinding halt. So I hit the switch, and it did. I turned the switch on, and everything was back to as it was.

There was nobody there, to explain anything, and the paperwork that was around talks about M. Aube's fascination with things that hum at 60Hz, specifically his old fridge. OK, so what? However, it is obvious that M. Aube can write a mean grant application, next time I hope that someone is around to explain why this is supposed to be so wonderful.

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