Saturday, December 03, 2005

Stuff Seen - Francine Desmeules



Last week we ended up at the Belgo building, more due to convenience, than anything else. By my count there are fifteen (15) galleries at 372 Sainte Catherine West, and I find it very telling, that when he is asked where to go see contemporary art in Montreal, Marc Mayer, sends people to Vox. I can understand why, in that with such a large number of galleries in all three major categories (Commercial, Artist Run, and For Rent) that it is always hit and miss. You never know what you're likely to see when you go there.

Ms. Desmueules being a perfect example. B-312 is an Artist Run Centre. Nice enough, but with this particular exhibition, nothing did anything to my eyes, my brain or my heart. In the press folderol they make mention of something having to do with landscape, but I didn't get it. And the only lasting impression I have of the show, is that they did not list anywhere what materials were used to make the art.

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