Saturday, November 26, 2005

Stuff Seen - L'echo des limbes



The David Altmejd was pretty cool, some sort of decomposed (or moth-eaten) sasquatch type of thing pierced by a bunch of mirrors looking like those Atlantis-Alliance crystals. The Eve K. Tremblay photographs were nice in a zen-like way. The Patrice Duhamel video was a kinda goofy take on how difficult it is to get your art into the Musée des Beaux Arts. And the Michael A. Robinson thing kept a friend of mine entertained because of the mechanical bird, and I tried to follow the path of the cables, but was ultimately frustrated. Frustration was pretty much how I felt about the entire show. Despite big meaningful words about "issues of representation and of strangeness, and the notion of the real" in the badly designed flyer, it seemed to me to be just something that issued a real strange notion of representation. Or without trying to beat my prose into a forced pun, each of the artists, by themselves is probably capable of doing some kick-ass stuff, but grouping them together did not work in any way shape or form, and just made all of them look like they would prefer to be anyplace else but the Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery at Concordia. Posted by Picasa

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