Sunday, June 12, 2005

Last Night's Readings by Sean Carswell, Joe Meno & Mickey Hess


This is for all you out-of-towners. Last night the wonderful, stupendous, and amazing Sean Carswell, brought along the incredible and really good Joe Meno and the mind-blowing and extraordinary Mickey Hess and they all did readings here. They were joined by Jon Paul Fiorentino.

Not only did I get some pictures of all of them working their craft (although the one I got of Mickey is sorta goofy) but the entire night's proceedings were recorded. I have edited them (slightly) and you can download them, since you obviously didn't make it.

Zeke's Gallery Podcast

Mickey Hess's most recent book is called Big Wheel at the Cracker Factory. If you would like to hear what he did last night, click on this. [14:41 in length, and 13.4 MB in size]

Zeke's Gallery Podcast

Joe Meno's in the process of finishing up the final touches on Bluebirds Used to Croon in the Choir. In order to hear what he did last night, click on this. [8:55 in length and 8.6 MB in size]

Zeke's Gallery Podcast

Sean Carswell's latest book, Barney's Crew, was the catalyst for getting the guys here. Basically it was to promote the book. So go buy it, ok? It's great (although your copy is unlikely to be inscribed as personally as mine). Actually you should go and buy all the books that I wrote about here. However in the meantime, while you're waiting for delivery, you can listen to what Sean read last night, by clicking on this link. [18:09 in length and 16.6 MB in size]

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