Friday, June 24, 2005

Kirsten Jones & Kristin McCaig Live at Zeke's Gallery, June 23, 2005


After yesterday's fiasco of trying to get the show up here. I figured let's make stuff simple and easy. So instead of a gazillion pictures, and me attempting to weave some sort of narrative out of nothing much. How's about this?

Kirsten and Kristin were and are wonderful. They sung their heart's out here, and if you don't believe me, click on the links, below.

Zeke's Gallery Podcast Set One, Kristin McCaig. MP3 128kbps, 26.6 MB, 29:09 minutes.

Zeke's Gallery Podcast Set Two, Kirsten Jones. MP3 128kbps, 33.3 MB, 36:26 minutes.

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