Thursday, December 23, 2004

More Free Roadsworth


Well it looks like we're hitting the bigtime! Yesterday I was interviewed on CJAD, the local News/Talk radio station in town. You can listen to the interview here [Warning: It is a 6MB MP3 file] - and extra special thanks, props and shout outs to OptimusCrime for hosting it.

Roadsworth's work can be seen here:
Flickr Photostream, Here 1, Here 2, Here 3, Here 4, and Here 5.

If you do a search on "Roadsworth" he now gets 1,820 hits.

Some of the more significant developments:
The article by Patrick Lejtenyi in the Montreal Mirror that started it all off.
The article by Bernard Lamarche in Le Devoir, that got the ball rolling.
The article by Christopher DeWolf on the Maisonneuve website, that gave it a big push.
The letter to the editor in La Presse by Diane Miljours.
The letter to the editor in Le Devoir by Diane Miljours.
The second article by Bernard Lamarche in Le Devoir.
The third article in Le Devoir by Bernard Lamarche.
Urbania magazine's petition drive.
The discussion on the ArtForum website.
And Wooster Collective's Legal Defense Fund drive.

Also, there have been articles in the National Post, La Presse, and an editorial in the Gazette, but unfortunately none of them are available on line.

And don't forget to drop a note to Mayor Tremblay and Helen Fotopoulos telling them what you think. Thanks.

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