Sunday, May 30, 2004

The Sunday Art Review Round Up


To start things off with a bang, the Guide Montréal-Nord, publishes Marie-Josée Chouinard's 464 word article about Vagabondages, which is taking place at Place Bourassa (the corner of Lacordaire and Henri-Bourassa). It appears that it is part of Projet Graffiti where otherwise disaffected and disadvantaged youth are focused into doing something constructive. Sounds cool, pity that it doesn't get better press.

Over at the West Island Chronicle they write 351 words about a motorcycle exhibition at the Harwood Gallery. Vroom-Vroom!

La Presse 1: Jerome Delgado writes 401 words about the exhibition at Vox's new space, he makes the obvious comments about Vox's next door neighbors, and also comments about the art.

La Presse 2: Prints a Canadian Press story about how the Musée des Beaux Arts du Canada is going to send another exhibition to Shawinigan, this time something about Noah's Ark. I wonder if they're also going to start sending exhibitions to Lasalle now that Paul Martin is Prime Minister.

The Gazette 1: Henry Lehmann writes 617 words about the new Vox space as well. Thankfully he doesn't comment about where Vox is, and who their neighbors are.

The Gazette 2: Steven Howell writes 758 words about the Museums Day happening today. I wonder why Mr. Howell gets almost 25% more words.

The Gazette 3: Sarah Dougherty writes 1,019 words about Kathryn Lamb who it would seem fits in well with the Streeteaters Art Market that happens here every month.

By the way, this is a picture of the Emily Carr painting that sold for $1.12-million. It's called "Quiet."

Le Devoir 1: Laurence Clavel writes 512 words about the "summer blockbuster©" coming to the Musee des beaux-arts du Canada. As I've written before it's a freakin' clown show. I don't know if Guy Laliberte will show up and see it, but I do want to know if any of the pieces came from Diane Keaton's art collection and if Pierre Theberge was successful in scoring any of the pieces from Cindy Sherman.

Le Devoir 2: Stéphane Baillargeon writes 596 words that you can't read about Marcel Brisebois not going quietly into the night. Will he ever retire? If you want to read the article email me.

Radio Canada 1: Claude Couillard writes 269 words about the Empress of Ireland exhibit at the Museum of the Sea in Rimouski.

Radio Canada 2: Claude Couillard writes 344 words about the thirty-fifth anniversary of John Lennon's and Yoko Ono's bed-in. I don't know what it is in the Visual Arts section.

The Mirror 1 and 2: Matthew Woodley covers the same thing as the West Island Chronicle (who would've thunk that there was crossover in their readership?) it runs 191 words. He also writes 110 words on the Funki Porcini's "Work in Progress" video series at Oboro.

Hour: Isa Tousignant writes 637 words about Karen Tam's Gold Mountain Restaurant exhibit at MAI. It should've been in the restaurant review section instead.

Voir 1: Nicolas Mavrikakis writes 576 words about the Garry Neill Kennedy exhibit at Articule. Obviously winning the Govenor General's Award for Visual Arts doesn't instantly move your art into museums.

Voir 2: Mr. Mavrikakis then writes 551 words about the Jean McEwen exhibit at Galerie Simon Blais. It pretty much serves as an excuse to publicize Blais' fifteenth anniversary.

And finally the thing that I find most peculiar is that the Association des Galeries d'Art Contemporain is having their Art Fair this weekend, and all they could secure as far as publicity was 137 words at the end of Mr. Mavrikakis's second article. And I was looking for articles about it. Hmmm, I wonder how many people managed to get there?

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