Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Shameless Self-Promotion


The poster that Bob Wiseman made for his upcoming show here. Cool, eh?

If you click on it, it will become much bigger and much more legible. Yes, it is a pricey ticket - $10 for members of Zeke's Gallery, $15 for everyone else, $25 (a bargain!) with a copy of Live at Zeke's Volume 126 (the recording of the evening) but given that Mr. Wiseman has a) graciously offered to travel to Montreal for the gig, and b) that his music is absofuckinglutely incredible unless you are dead there really isn't any reason to miss this show.

Plus, if you dress all in orange, and are one of the first five people to purchase a ticket, you get a FREE (yes, $0, no money down, really cheap) copy of the CD that he is releasing (which as of now, still doesn't have a name). Cool, eh?

Also, if I can mention, despite there not being a really swanky poster, Randboro is playing here at the gallery on June 5. Tickets are $5 (or free for members) and while they don't have the road calluses that Mr. Wiseman has, their music is every bit as entertaining.

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