Friday, May 28, 2004

Boy I'm Glad I'm here in Montreal!!


Well, after a day's though, maybe it ain't so bad not getting respect. On Wednesday, I was reading Working Artist's Journal and came across this article. Apparently Capobianco Gallery, as they say "located in the heart of San Francisco's popular North Beach" or in other words the heart of left wing America is closing down because the exhibited this picture.

It is way tougher there than I ever thought. The picture is called "the abuse" and it is by Guy Colwell. And while I don't think anybody should have to face up to being spat upon because they're showing a picture, the concept that somebody, anybody in San Francisco would think to do that is just flat out ridiculous. Pretty much the same behavior as the Army dudes and dudettes. Yuck.

Then, (and this one, I'm not certain where I got it from, apologies, and I have taken steps to correct this) I came across this article about James F. Kennedy, a Chicago Art Dealer who has been "charged with attempted theft by fraud, a felony. He also faces 13 misdemeanor counts for possession of individual forgeries, including crude duplications of paintings and drawings."

One advantage to only exhibiting artists' first solo show, is that there is no way in heck, that it would be worth anyone's time to forge stuff. Heck, when asked, I tell artists who exhibit here, that worrying about theft, unless you have a "name" ain't nobody gonna try and steal your stuff. That's why folk exhibit here, in order to try getting a "name."

Then while we're checking out weird stuff in the US, this photographer Larry Sultan, who has taken pictures of "middle-class homes in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California" the hook is that all of the houses have been rented out in order to make porno flicks. Nothing like a little bits of T&A to get people to appreciate art, eh? Heck, it even made it into the NYTimes!

Back on this side of the border, the CBC reports that the Canada Foundation is attempting to do what I did on Tuesday the article then goes and gets things wrong, by stating that only the NDP have released anything that even vaguely looks like an Arts & Culture policy. Your choice as to what exactly the mistake is, either what the NDP have in fact released an Arts & Culture policy ('cuz from what I read they haven't) or that they missed the Liberals policy (which is about as long as the NDP's).

Then, while it ain't contemporary Art, the Globe & Mail does the right thing and trumpet's that "a tranquil forest scene by Emily Carr" set a record at the Heffel Auction last night, things bode well for the Ritchies auction next week.

And finally, the NYTimes talks up how good Mass MOCA has been for North Adams. As the Ministere de la culture et des communications du Québec have also released attendance figures for museums in Québec, I'm planning on doing some comparing and contrasting later on.

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