Saturday, April 10, 2004

Bloop Hits, and Texas Leaguers


It is a significant birthday for someone today, and I've decided that the gallery should be closed, so nothing terribly thought provoking, just a bunch of other articles that have been clogging up my desktop.

First off, PS 1 is launching what they say is " the world's first art radio station." What then is Resonance 104.4fm? Chopped Liver? I think Alanna Heiss should've done some more research.

The it appears that Lesley Thompson thinks she got ripped off by Christies. I'm looking forward to reading the court documents when they get online.

And, I might just have to invite Ronald Harwood to direct something at the gallery.

Over in a different world, I think it was Modern Art Notes that lead me to the Manhattan Users Guide, which has an interesting piece on the hows and whats of criticism. I will need some more time to read it fully. But it looks tasty.

That's it for now, sorry, but I gotta go bake a cake.

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