Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Kill them with kindness


There's a silly (if slightly Neanderthal) letter to the editor from yesterday's Hamilton Spectator. It attempts to explain how sewers are more important than art.

Could I make a suggestion? If you work at a cultural institution, could you add Mr. Brian Hill and Councillor Margaret McCarthy to your mailing lists? Obviously if they start receiving exhibition notices, they will begin to know some of the artists, and then perhaps take an interest in art. To me it is not sewers OR art, as you can see if you walk up the street to Zeke's Gallery. Sewer repair and art galleries can coexist peacefully side by side.

Brian Hill
c/o The Hamilton Spectator
44 Frid Street
Hamilton, Ontario L8N 3G3

(Unfortunately as there are 5 'B Hill's in Hamilton I think it best to ask the Spectator to forward them on). And

Councillor Margaret McCarthy
City Hall Office
71 Main Street West, 2nd Floor
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 4Y5

Thanks Tons!

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