Sunday, October 01, 2006

If Los Angeles is the new New York...


As Bruce Hainley gamely quotes Michael Govan in this silly article in today's New York Times, then perhaps it is possible to get Susan Apter to quote Marc Mayer that Montreal is the new Los Angeles in an article yet to be written for New York magazine.

After all 'Carefree without major auction action and no distracting art fair (or, at least, not yet), Montreal's galleries thrive as a system in which smarts and fun are on almost equal footing with business. The reigning gallery style is brisk and low-key chic compared with Chelsea's grand, mausoleumlike airs, and its gallerists, with lower overhead, take relatively more risks, mixing things up with bright group shows by nongallery artists. New venues have been springing up like some genetically altered mushroom able to thrive in full sunshine.' Wouldn't you say?

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