Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Nice work if you can get it


I don't know exactly how much an advertisement in Le Devoir costs, but this article ain't nothing more than a re-write of a press release, which qualifies to me as the same thing as an advertisement.

In a nutshell, tomorrow evening, Parachute magazine is going to charge folk $50 for entry to a cocktail party, then probably charge for drinks on top of that, and then try to convince those select and chosen people that they should shell out good cash money for art that has been donated so that Parachute magazine can continue to publish.

They have listed 67 pieces, that total $112,375. Of those, 30 are marked as sold, for a total of $48,425. Most of the sold pieces were sold ages ago, if my memory is still working. While the artists ain't completely the cream of the cream, there are some top notch folks who have been generous. If the average price of piece of work is $1,500, wouldn't you agree that Quebec Art is undervalued? If Parachute only has a circulation of 5,000 copies wouldn't you agree that $112,000 plus whatever government funding is a tad excessive?

Say they only get $38,000 from all their subsidies and sponsorships. That means that they spend at least $7.50 to print each copy of the magazine. (20,000 copies annually, divided by $150,000) If I had the money to go to their do, I'd love to ask if I could get a gander at their annual report, or their balance sheet. Unfortunately, I don't have the $50 to spare.

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