Friday, January 06, 2006

Good on ya! Deborah Nobes!!


Cool Canadian Art news; Deborah Nobes got some concrete information about how four of the five major political parties (for what it is worth the Bloc Quebecois don't do New Brunswick) want to deal with the arts. Historically, it has always been extremely difficult to get any gosh darn information from anyone other than a fringe candidate.

In a nutshell:
The Liberals: It sounds sorta confused, but I think they mean to keep doing what they have been doing. Large bureaucratic involvement in noisemaking about the arts with nothing really substantial.
The Conservatives: Tax breaks and more tax breaks will enable people to have more cash in their pockets. If the people then go and spend the money on art that would be good, but we ain't doing anything specific about it.
The NDP: They don't have a clue, according to their candidate, the artists are going to have to come up with their own ideas!
The Greens: To an extent, they make the most sense. The government has got to buy more art, period.

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