Sunday, April 04, 2004

This week's reviews


It occurred to me, that gathering all the local reviews in one place, might not be such a bad idea. I'm attempting to be as inclusive as possible, so if you know of any reviews that come out in a publication that has any regularity, please let me know, ok?

A) The Gazette: Henry Lehman ventures far a field to Optica to review Stephen Schofield. 427 words that don't do more than sit on the fence. He also gives a passing nod to Patrick Coutu's exhibit also at Optica (78 words) and Caroline Hart's at Eric Devlin (100 words).

B) La Presse: Confusion reigns supreme in Jerome Delgado's interview with Michele Theriault about "Point" at Dazibao. The accompanying photograph is from an exhibition at Galerie Clark. And the lead-in mentions Roger Bellmare, too. Which for a bloke like me, leads me to think that the 451 words that made it onto the internet, were cut dramatically from what Mr. Delgado initially wrote. Nonetheless, France Choiniere [the directrice] obviously arranged things so that Mr. Delgado could interview Ms. Theriault [la commissaire] and her words explaining the exhibit take up a full 28% of the article.

C) Le Devoir 1: Michel Hellman also reviews "Point" at Dazibao. But I can't write anything about his review, because the powers that be, want me to give them $3.93 in order to read it. I betcha M. Hellman gets at least a buck.

D) Le Devoir 2: Ditto but this time M. Hellman reviews Louis Joncas' exhibit at Pierre-Francois Ouellette Art contemporain. Man, I betcha M. Hellman is laughing all the way to the bank!

E) The Hour: Isa Tousignant lives up to what I imagine is the mandate of the "alternative" weekly with an interview of Vanessa Yanow and John Tinholt about their show at the Long Hall. There is no discussion of the art, but Ms. Yanow and Mr. Tinholt do make it sound like the vernissage will be a kick-ass party.

F) Voir 1: Somebody at Voir decided to republish Fredric Gary Comeau's press release about his exhibition at Chez Baptiste (no website, 1045 Mont-Royal E. (514) 522-1384) . The thing that I like best, I think, is that because Voir (and to a certain extent Hour) are desperately trying to increase membership at their websites, there are, as of this writing, 6 comments by readers, most about M. Comeau's music.

G) Voir 2: This time Nicolas Mavrikakis puts his name to an article. Phew! In this case it is 358 words explaining that "Ils" - the name of the exhibit, can roughly be translated to mean "art by guys." Roger Bellmare (no web site, 372 Ste-Catherine O. #502, (514) 871-0319) happens to be showing stuff from his personal collection (and attempting to sell it at the same time) that he, in a flash of brilliance, decided to thematically organize by the sex of the artist.

H) Voir 3: Saving the best for last, M. Mavrikakis spends a whopping 541 words dropping names to make himself impo'tent, while giving a passing nod to the exhibits by Patrick Coutu and Stephen Schofield at Optica. First we learn that M. Mavrikakis watches Tele-Quebec, then that he thinks that Melvin Charney has been repeating himself for the past fifteen-years, then that M. Coutu will be having an exhibit at Rene Blouin in August (the only reason I can figure why he would write this is that it is meant for "readers in the know" in order to give them time to buy M. Coutu's pieces beforehand...) I'm not entirely certain if M. Mavrikakis actually discusses M. Coutu's art, but then again my comprehension of written French ain't all it should be. And then finally, he uses 53% of the article writing about Mr. Schofield's exhibit.

I) Journal Le Plateau 1: Pretty much a straight forward copy of the press release from the Larry Williams and David Gillanders show at Wilder & Davis (257 Rachel E. (514) 289-0849)

J) Journal Le Plateau 2: See above, but this time in reference to the exhibition of photographs by Mexican students at l'ecomusee du fier monde.

K) The Link: Jason Gondziola, waxes eloquent about the exhibition that just finished at the VAV Gallery.

As far as I could tell, the McGill Daily, Quartier Libre, and Montreal Campus did not have any coverage of the Visual Arts this past week, and I couldn't think of any other newspapers.

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